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Small Family Owned Farm

Hi! Welcome to Wanderin´ Barefoot Farm! We are a small, natural, organic, and transparent farm in Northern Illinois. We love our animals and raise them on pasture and as free range as possible. We never use any antibiotics, pesticides, or insecticides, ever! We love growing our own food, and educating our lovely community about all things farming!


Jillae and Wesley Dalmolin are the owners of Wanderin´ Barefoot Farm.

Farming has been a dream of Jillae's for a very long time. Wesley was born and raised on a small homestead in Alvin, TX. Both Jillae and Wesley have a passion for food. They both enjoy growing their own food, and researching the healthiest way to live. 

Before becoming farmers, Jillae worked in the restaurant industry! For 10 years she was bartending and serving in her local community, and in Nederland, CO. At one point, she was a manager at a million dollar restaurant in the casinos!


Wesley was a general contractor, and a master of interior remodel. He has remodeled many famous peoples' houses, bars, old farmhouses, apartments, and everything in between. He can build just about anything. He also was a professional Hemp grower in Colorado! Wesley grew hemp professionally for 3 years, which has helped a lot in the farming business!

Jillae and Wesley met in a small mountain town in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Nederland, CO. They lived in Colorado together for 3 years before packing up, and heading back east to Jillae's hometown on Geneva, IL. Shortly after, they got the farm, and settled down there!

Jillae and Wesley run Wanderin' Barefoot Farm themselves! In June, 2020, they added a new member to the family farm, Wyatt Dalmolin, farm hand in training. In 2023, their family grew again, with Archer Dalmolin.   


They believe in raising animals organically, humanely, and with love. They are 100% transparent in everything that they do. They feel the same way about growing food. They have proven that you can have a large, successful garden without the use of pesticides or insecticides. Everything on the farm is transparent for you to see. Jillae and Wesley love to educate the community about small farming and homesteading! 

In 2021 Wanderin' Barefoot Farm was apart of a small incubator program in Batavia, IL called Batavia Boardwalk Shops. They had a shop there for a year where they sold all their canned goods; pickles, jams, jellies, honey, hot sauce, herbs, soup, sauces, sourdough, books, vegetables, fruits, and so much more.

In 2022, Wanderin' Barefoot Farm will be moving into a commercial kitchen, and shipping their products all over the country. They will also start wholesaleing to stores in their local community. In addition to producing more canned goods this year, WBF will also be producing a lot more hot peppers, growing their apiary, and producing more herbs and flowers! 


More to come! 

A note from the owners:

Hello everyone! WE ARE SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU HERE! Thank you for checking out our website, and learning about our small organic farm! We absolutely love what we do, and we are happy to help anyone who has any questions regarding all things farming! As stated above, we take pride in being a transparent farm, and not hiding anything from the public. We truly believe that every human on this planet deserves healthy and organic food to fuel not only our bodies, but also our minds. Eating good and sustainably raised food makes you feel better all around! We are super active on instagram, so give us a follow          to see what a day in the life looks like!

Thank you for your continued support, we are so happy to be serving you!

With love always,

Jillae, Wesley, Wyatt and Archie

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